Official Arctic Spa Dealer

Northern Nevada & the Lake Tahoe Area



Official Arctic Spa Dealer

Northern Nevada & the Lake Tahoe Area



Hot Tubs & All Weather Pools 

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Hot Tubs & Swim Spa’s Designed for the Worlds Harshes Climates

Arctic Spas® brand hot tubs are the best selling hot tub brand in Canada. Why? – They are designed for cold weather, which means they are more energy efficient, longer lasting, and easier to maintain than other brands. They are built to function and endure in extreme cold, and the wide temperature fluctuations of the Canadian climate.

25 Years of Engineering Excellence

We lead where others follow. Across the globe, Arctic Spas are best known, for two things – making beautiful hot tubs purpose-built for extreme weather, and for pushing the technological limits of our industry.

Built to Last In Work In Any Weather

Detailed construction of the shell, cabinet, insulation system and components used all add to the life span of your Spa. Asking about construction is important and time should be taken to discuss. Arctic Spas® are built to last using the same construction concepts and practices as building a home.

Heating - Efficiently Notes

There have been many engineering advances that minimize costs and make maintaining ideal spa conditions with minimal effort. Arctic Spas® has solutions for these valid concerns with our FreeHeat™ and Spa Boy® technology greatly lowering your monthly energy costs and to help maintain ideal spa conditions.

Superior Quality 

If you want the best quality, most energy efficient hot tub or swim spa then the Arctic Spas® brand is for you

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Learn all about hot tubs and the Arctic Spa with this detailed and expansive resource packed full of important information!


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